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Gold always a fantastic "evergreen" reality

Gold has been used as a "money reserve" ...

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Our Project

We live in a historical period characterized by major changes where, paradoxically, ...

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Social Business Project

The idea of ​​the Social Business Network Project is the result of several personal experiences of ...

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Our Vision

"We offer you the key to go beyond the self-imposed limitations, setting free your creativity, your desire for economic and personal growth; for us economic well-being is the means by which you realize your true happiness.

In Tibetan Buddhism it is said that everything is a projection of our minds: that is why it is necessary that our mind becomes more precious, creative and bright."

Our Vision


What We Do

 Business Model

Our business model is the first example of social business oriented to web marketing. A challenge that will allows us to measure ourselves in a different way within the new global economy and make the market understand the value of an ethically correct and sustainable business supported by a Management Control that guarantees punctuality and management efficiency.



Our organizational model favors flexibility, transparency and above all a very particular company efficiency, to guarantee the customer a service in line with expectations.



Corporate compliance is our flagship that guarantees the customer the serenity of a business relationship without surprises. We can boast being among the few companies in this sector to vaunt a Code of Ethics that governs all company activities, highlighting the great attention paid by Corporate management to administrative transparency.


 Customer Care

Attention to the customer, his needs and requirements are our daily priority, which is why we have a specific business environment that deals with customer relationships bypassing the virtual wall, privileging a direct and immediate dialogue.



The web offers great opportunities to discover and to be discovered, but this was not enough; we have planned a program of events that we shall soon unveil, wanting to personally present directly to our customers, to explain our mission by privileging the personal relationship as the foundation of a stable and long-lasting commercial relationship.



Training means knowing well what you buy, a moment where different experiences, needs and opportunities intersect to be shared and strengthened. Training is another opportunity that our company wants to privilege in order to meet its customers in a continual process of common growth.


Bitcoin was born to become a decentralized and libertarian alternative to traditional monetary systems, but today the reality, according to


"Few assets in financial history have been more fragile than bitcoin," he said. In his recent article, "Bitcoin, Currencies, and Fragility",


At Ubp, we believe in the short term that the risks to gold prices are to the downside. Over the summer, the Fed is likely to announce details of

Our Vision

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